7 Tips to Get Back on Track after Your New Year’s Resolution Fails

If you’ve abandoned your New Year’s resolution just a few months into the year, you’re not alone. A Scranton University study suggests that only 8% of resolutions are successful. That means 92% of us are setting goals, but not sticking to them. The good news is that there’s time to get back on track after your New Year’s resolution fails. Here are seven tips to help you meet your goals for the year.

  1. Learn how you’re wired. Understanding how you’re wired helps you create plans that exponentially increase your ability to succeed. I know this because I’ve never stuck to a fitness plan for any length of time. Now I work with a trainer who knows my KOLBE A index and understands how I instinctively operate. Knowing that I’m a quick-start, that I need variety in addition to accountability helps him create a fitness plan that works for me.
  2. Review your goals. Often we create goals that seem good on paper but are too big for us to attain. The result? We abandon our goals altogether. Take the time to review your goals and assess if they are realistic.
  3. Break them down. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That’s also how you tackle goals – one small step at a time. Break each goal into steps. What can you accomplish this week or this month that gets you closer to success? You might not be able to grow your income by 50% this month, but 5-10% per month might be an attainable goal.
  4. Stop feeling overwhelmed. If you don’t have the full hour to dedicate to your goal, start by spending a consistent 5-15 minutes on it each day. Grow that time by a few minutes each week. Soon you will be spending an hour a day! Take a deep breath, select one or two goals and focus on those for a few months.
  5. Get an accountability partner. Find a friend or a mentor in a different business with whom you can share your goals. Tell them your weekly goal and make sure they hold you accountable for meeting that goal. You can do the same for them.
  6. Review the last 90 days. If you’re feeling like you’ve made little or no progress, review the last 90 days and write down each small success. In the midst of running your business, you may not have realized how much you’ve accomplished in the last 90 days. The results could surprise you and motivate you to keep moving forward.
  7. Set yourself up for success. If you work from home and are easily distracted by household chores, consider working at a coffee shop or co-working space. Give yourself permission to work on your business by scheduling time for things like household chores and other to-dos.

If you’ve had trouble sticking to your plan in the past, it’s time to stop doing what’s not working. I can help you understand your natural talents and mode of operation so that you can leverage that information to accelerate your achievements. Give me a call today to get started with your KOLBE A assessment.