Setting the Foundation for Your Authentic Life

Authentic Life

Setting the foundation for your authentic life begins with recognizing your inner voice and core values. As Mahatma Ghandi once said, “Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”

In order to live into your true destiny you must first start with understanding your beliefs and how your thoughts or inner voice manifests into your daily activities. Activities that make up your life’s experiences and influence your values and get you closer to living the life you desire.

Recognize the history and makeup of your inner voice

Your inner voice is a primary influencer of whether or not you achieve your full potential and live the life you want to live. Before you can conquer your inner voice, you must first recognize that it took years and years to build it. Battling the critical nature of it will take some time.

Your inner voice began taking shape in your earliest childhood experiences and has been reinforced throughout your childhood, adolescence and adult life. You could probably list a traumatic experience or an abusive relationship that had an impact on the way you view yourself and the world. However, there are other implicit experiences that you may not remember or consider less significant that have also influenced your current inner voice. Perhaps your parents passed their beliefs onto you or perhaps you developed defenses in your childhood to cope with certain environmental stresses. These types of experiences play a role in creating your inner voice.

Once you’ve identified the history and makeup of your inner voice you can identify what it is preventing you from achieving. If you truly want to achieve your goals, you’ll need to start challenging your inner voice and create a plan of action to address unresolved issues. When your negative inner voice bubbles up, recognize it as being influenced from past experiences, separate it from your current reality and continue to make progress towards your goals

Identify your core values

Your core values are the principles embedded in your inner being that influence how you’ll react to daily life. They’re like a navigation system that guides and leads you where you need to go.

The easiest way to identify your core values is to think about something that triggers a strong emotional response. This “thing” is often an indicator of a value that you have. You could also identify your greatest accomplishments, efficiencies, failures and inefficiencies and map common themes to identify your values.

Obviously, there are more studious and precise ways to fully articulate and refine your values, but these tips should get you headed in the right direction. When you’ve articulated your core values so that they are clear, you can respond to situations with a clear sense of self.

Set the foundation for your authentic life

Your inner voice and core values play a major role in setting the foundation for your authentic life. This process requires focused intentional effort over a span of weeks or months. Find someone that you trust who can provide you with honest feedback and hold you accountable to living your authentic life. As a life coach, I can help guide you along the journey toward living the life you deserve