Create a Customer-Obsessed Workforce with Personality Assessments

customer obssessed workforce

In our last article, we discussed how personality assessments help your team sell more. Having the right team in place goes beyond simply hiring people who have experience or fit a job description. Personality assessments help you create a customer-obsessed workforce when you use them to put individuals in positions in which they are a fit.

Creating a Customer-Obsessed Workforce

When members of your team are customer obsessed, they understand the importance of every sale and every customer interaction. They know that every customer pays their mortgage, utility and grocery bill. They don’t go overboard. Rather, they come up with clever solutions to solve customer problems with the systems and tools at their disposal.

When the entire team is working to solve customer problems and answer customer questions, everyone benefits. Personality assessments help create highly functioning teams with engaged employees.

According to the Temkin Group, 91% of employees who are highly engaged will always or almost always try their hardest at work versus the 71% of disengaged employees. That 20% difference accounts for over 20% in lost revenue when you account for customer lifetime value and loss of repeat purchases. Disengaged team members aren’t going to create customers for life.

Identify Your Team’s Mode of Operation

Personality assessments identify the mode of operation of team members that facilitates their highest productivity. They reveal how you can leverage an individual’s instinctive talents at work resulting in team members who are naturally engaged and who are successful in the positions for which they’ve been hired. These employees are your customer-obsessed gems.

When you don’t understand the mode of operation of your team members, you put them in the wrong position. Individuals who aren’t customer-obsessed miss out on providing excellent customer experiences. Take my real life example:

I was browsing in a jewelry store when I saw an estate piece that I loved. It was the perfect piece. The salesperson tried to show me everything in the store instead of selling me the piece I wanted.

I told her I wasn’t looking for just any piece of jewelry. If I was going to buy, it had to be a Cinderella fit. I knew the salesperson didn’t understand her customers when I had to explain that a Cinderella fit was as perfect as the glass slipper that Cinderella wore.

The salesperson’s mode of operation was to show me every piece instead of being customer-obsessed and adjusting to the sales situation. Had she focused on the one piece that I loved and used language that spoke to me as the buyer, I might’ve purchased the ring. Instead, I’ll wait for the perfect ring and the perfect salesperson to sell it to me.

Customer-Obsessed Team Members Close More Sales

Customer-obsessed teams understand themselves, their role in the company, how that role contributes to the overall organization. They close deals and focus on creating lasting relationships with customers. They’re really happy because they want to come to work. When you make someone else happy, it makes you happy too.

If your workforce isn’t customer-obsessed, I can help you shift the culture to one that is. Schedule your free consultation today.