Hire Smart and Grow Your Business

Hiring new staff is an important part of growing any business. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to hire. Done right, a hire will be an asset to your team – qualified, aligned with your company’s policies and culture, and ready to help you reach the next level.

Unfortunately hiring the wrong person can do more harm than good. Your team can become resentful, the new employee may feel lost, and you may end up losing more than a great team member. Here’s how to hire smart and grow your business.

Have a Growth Plan for Current Staff

When you’re getting ready to hire, it’s likely that your current team members will think, “What about me?” Current employees may worry about being replaced, or may be upset that someone else is taking a position they’ve grown accustomed to or wanted to fill. Threatened or angry employees may sabotage the hiring process or refuse to help a new hire learn how to work within your company.

To avoid this resentment and the ugly results it brings, have a growth plan in place for current staff. When your current employees see that new hires yield positive results for them too and they’re able to move up to a new position with more responsibility, autonomy, and salary, they will be eager to help. A new hire will be welcomed with open arms, well-trained, and be able to become an integral part of your team in a short amount of time.

Hire Slightly Behind Demand

It’s important to find the balance between hiring too soon – before there’s enough work to keep them busy – and too late, when everyone is already overloaded. The best way to hire smart is to hire slightly behind demand. Wait until demand has reached a tipping point, but before it’s completely overworking your team, and then make an appropriate hire.

As long as you can see an increasing demand for your product or service, you can continue this strategy. This ensures that a new hire is brought on when there is still enough capacity to train them, and you don’t have someone suffer a “sink or swim” situation brought on by overwhelmed staff. Also, it helps you avoid over-hiring, and every employee has the opportunity to play a key role and progress in their careers.

Create a Repeatable, Documented Hiring Process

Early in your business, your hiring process may have been a bit loose – you put out a job posting, interviewed people, and made a gut decision. You may have been able to train new hires personally, and thus were able to make sure they met your standards. As your business grows, it’s going to be important to turn hiring into a repeatable, documented process.

First, you want to ensure that you get the right person for the job, in terms of skills, attitude, and cultural fit. Second, there are a lot of legal rules around hiring, and you want to make sure that you and your hiring team don’t break any of them. Finally, you need to make sure each new hire has a great experience, from the initial interview all the way through onboarding. Having a repeatable, documented method for each step of the hiring process will ensure that that all of this occurs as it should.

Making a hiring decision is a complex process. Not only does it include the planning, reviewing applications, pre-screening, and interviews, but it also involves current employees’ perceptions and emotions. In order to hire smart and grow your business, you’ll need to take all of these elements into account.

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