4 Actionable Steps to Help You Live with Intention

live with intention

Do you live with intention or are you a passenger of life waiting for a change in circumstance, watching as moments pass by second after second? If you said the later, you’re not alone. Millions of people live inauthentic lives, keeping up with the Joneses and working long countless days for things that just don’t matter. I know this because I was one of them.

I spent years living a life to please others and truly believed my choices were my own. I custom built an oversized home, complete with an elevator and more rooms than you can imagine. Then, I filled it with Thomasville furniture and sat up to 24 guests around a stunning display of dining décor. I was the shining example of success right down to the monogramed linen that was tightly folded and placed in its perfect spot. Then, something changed. One tiny moment in time brought me on a journey that literally saved my life.

Change can come in many different forms. From the sale of a business to the end of a relationship, big or small, short or long, it takes just one moment in time for the veil to drop and fog to lift. Even with clear vision, the pain from what feels like wasted time and effort takes time to heal. This transformation period is required to move on to the moment in which you say with pride, “I am living my life with intention”.

Live with Intention

Authenticity is at the core of living with intention. It requires self-knowledge and self-awareness, always asking the why behind everything you think, do and feel. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share five key steps that will help you take steps to find your authentic self. When you take the actionable steps listed in each post you’ll be able to:

  1. Recognize the history and makeup of your inner voice, identify your core values and set the foundation for your authentic life
  2. Shut down the inner voice that demands you publicly display your success with treasures and accolades or in a way that’s not authentic to your core
  3. Quickly identify when you’re being insincere or moving through life on autopilot doing what naturally comes next
  4. Know that you have everything that you need to be exactly who you are and combat the days when you feel hopeless, unworthy and unloved without feeling the urge to fill the gaps with more stuff

You are on this earth for a purpose and that purpose doesn’t involve being controlled by what you think others want for your life. It requires a mindful life, where you become aware and engaged in self-discovery and you live with intention.