How Personality Assessments Can Help You Sell More

When it comes to building a team, you have to understand whom you have on your team. Sure you’ve interviewed them and seen them work but do you really know what motivates them? It might be time for personality assessments to help you sell more products and services.

The Value of Personality Assessments

When I talk to individuals and their employers, they often tell me that they don’t want a personality assessment because they’re afraid it will reveal their biggest, darkest secrets or invade their privacy. That’s not the case. Personality assessments like Kolbe A and Birkman measure natural talents, passions, behaviors and motivators of each individual.

Personality assessments are a win-win for employers and members of their team. They help employers find the right fit for the positions while placing individuals in a job where they can thrive. When employers know more about each individual, they can build teams that function to their maximum potential. Individuals in highly functional teams know how they work best with others and they communicate and function as contributing team members.

Misalignment Reduces Sales Revenue

If the wrong team is in place or if an individual isn’t a fit, you’re going to lose sales. I’ll give you a real life example.

Recently, I was in Las Vegas at a high-end retail store in need of shoes and a wallet. As I looked around, I noticed one salesperson standing around not helping anyone, including me. He was disengaged, unmotivated and unwilling to help customers in the store. I waited to see if he would help me with my purchase, but he never did. I left the store without making what I estimate would have been a $500-600 purchase.

Unfortunately, my feelings towards the store shifted my habit of shopping for the brand it represented. Why? Because I didn’t feel valued. All I wanted was help finding the shoes and wallet that I already knew were perfect for me. I didn’t want a quick online sale. I wanted service and I’ll get it from their competitor.

Sell More with Personality Assessments

How would you feel if you learned that a sale you could’ve made went to your competition? It’s not just about losing a sale. It’s the fact a sale will go to your competitor that should make you think twice about who is on your team. The right salesperson easily closes sales like the one above. It doesn’t take a degree to provide excellent customer service.

Whether it’s a department store in Las Vegas or your own business, team members who are in the right job role and environment will treat customers better than those that come to work for a paycheck. Customers who are treated better come back for more and tell their friends.

If you’re ready to increase your revenue by selling more products and services, give me a call. I can help you understand your team members and place them in the right position.