Phoenix Business Coach – How to Find the Right One

Phoenix Business Coach - How to Find the Right One

Whether you’ve reached an impasse on the road to success, or you’re simply ready to elevate your business, the guidance of a seasoned Phoenix Business Coach is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.  A basic internet search will likely yield an overwhelming number of choices, with each promising to deliver optimum results.

Find the Right Phoenix Business Coach

With over 30 years of business leadership and mentoring experience to draw upon, I can’t stress enough that when it comes to finding the right Phoenix business coach, one size does not fit all. So how do you vet the seemingly endless list of options and identify a coach best suited to your needs? Here are some qualifications that every credible business coach should be able to furnish.


Experience is always the best teacher. A business coach should not rely strictly on theoretical approaches and strategies to guide you. Instead, they should be able to walk the talk. As a CEO of Expo Chemical Co., Inc., a multi-million-dollar company specializing in value driven materials, custom formulation, and global sourcing, I relied on strong business acumen and strategic planning.  This allowed me to create a niche business that provided superior technical support to the oil and gas industry. Under my direction, Expo’s revenue grew over 1,000% in only a six-year period.

My time with Expo has helped me to provide individualized guidance to each of my clients. I understand their unique challenges, I can relate to their journey, and most importantly, I am equipped to help cultivate effective solutions to meet their short and long-term goals. Simply put, when it comes to business coaching, no amount of formal training can replace the value of real world experience.


In addition to industry experience, a qualified coach should harbor the tools and knowledge necessary to analyze the core competencies, values, and work habits of each client. A successful coach should be adept in administering behavioral and occupational assessments that capture data and provide insight into individual and organizational motivators, strengths, and decision-making processes.

As a certified consultant who routinely employs The Birkman Method® and The Kolbe System™, I understand the importance of using these scientifically validated tools to unlock clients’ potential and preferences and develop customized action plans aligned with their unique personal and professional development needs.

Solid References

Another mark of a credible business coach are references in the form of testimonials that highlight leadership skills, deliverables, and coaching methodologies. References also provide insight into what types of individuals and organizations the coach has worked with, what industries they represent, and most importantly, what outcomes clients have experienced under the guidance of the business coach.

With over 30 years of leadership and mentoring experience, I have had the pleasure of garnering testimonials from clients representing a broad spectrum of industries including transportation, human resources, health and wellness, renewable energy, insurance, and law. My extensive background and wide breadth of clientele has allowed me to develop expertise in a host of specialized fields, making it easy to produce targeted, industry-specific solutions and blueprints for every individual or organization with whom I work.

Flexible Programs

Finally, an experienced coach should offer both accessibility and flexibility. Because business coaching needs are so different, a reputable coach often makes available a variety of programs and services designed to reach a broad range of clients. By offering individualized group and executive coaching, along with consultation and speaking services, I can accommodate clients of all backgrounds and work with them in a manner best suited to their needs and preferences. Through tailored and flexible coaching sessions, my clients have enjoyed marked growth, greater input, increased profitability, and most importantly, fulfillment.

It’s time to find the right Phoenix business coach to help take your business to the next level. Contact me today to get started on the path to success.