Small Steps to Retirement


Are you ready to retire? Do you have a plan in place, long-term care coverage and a fat 401K? If so, then you are among the few. In fact, CBS found that 70 percent of Americans find it hard to save for retirement after basic living expenses and other bills are paid. One-third of Americans have absolutely nothing saved for retirement. It’s shocking and it pains me to hear these statistics because saving for retirement is easier than you think.

Little Things Matter

I once had a friend whose dad used to give him his change at the end of every day. While the daily haul was minimal, often a few cents here and there, my friend would collect the money in a large jar, deposit it into his bank account and watch it grow. For well over a decade, he never spent one single penny of it.

When he finally turned 17, he withdrew all of it, went to a car dealership and purchased a brand new Volkswagen Beetle with cash. Needless to say his friends were delighted with his purchase because the freedom that that car brought was shared with his entire circle of friends.

It’s the little things that matter. Over time, the small steps that we take on a consistent basis bring us the results we are searching for. As a society we often seek immediate results, often disappointed when we haven’t lost 10 pounds over the weekend or saved enough to purchase that new car in three months. Our disappointment leads to a sense of failure and we throw our hands up and exclaim that it simply can’t be done.

The fact is that it takes action to get the results we need. There are no overnight successes. It takes one step in the right direction and then another. As you can see from my friend, actions don’t have to be big. They just have to happen.

Your Next Micro-step to Retirement

It’s time to take micro-steps to your retirement future. Think about one small thing that you could do today that you believe wouldn’t make an impact. Maybe it’s buying a smaller sized meal instead of the supersized one because you don’t eat the entire meal anyway. Perhaps it’s a downloadable book or magazine from the library instead of purchasing the same book from Amazon and then putting your savings in an account.

What will be your next step? Will you put away the change in your pocket or will you look back at this post a year from now and wonder why you didn’t? I’d love to hear what micro-steps you’re taking in the comments below, but be careful… I just might hold you accountable to them.