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Family Business Succession Planning – 5 Keys to a Successful Transition

We’re continuing the topic of family business succession planning today. Once you’ve decided who your successor is, it’s time to start planning. Done well, a family business succession plan can let people know who the new leader will be, bring them into their new responsibilities slowly, and allow you to step back from the business […]

Family Business Succession – Family vs. Employee

When you’re trying to decide who will take over the family business, there are many factors to take into account. Often, you have choices between various family members and employees, and it’s important to make the right choice for your family business succession. Family businesses are very important to the American economy, but transitions are […]

Phoenix Business Coach – How to Find the Right One

Whether you’ve reached an impasse on the road to success, or you’re simply ready to elevate your business, the guidance of a seasoned Phoenix Business Coach is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.  A basic internet search will likely yield an overwhelming number of choices, with each promising to deliver optimum results. Find the […]

How to Achieve Economies of Scale in Your Business

One of the goals of every business is to “scale their efforts”. However, sometimes that term is thrown around without true understanding. What does it mean to scale your efforts, how do you know if your processes are scalable, and how do you achieve economies of scale? The answers to those questions are vital to […]

Business Development Is Not Sales

Business development is a part of business that is focused on developing and implementing growth opportunities within the organization. Because of this focus on growth, business development is unfortunately often confused with sales. In reality, business development professionals have a much broader focus than just selling more products and services. By thoroughly understanding business development, […]

Develop New Products, Services, or Bundles for Business Growth

As you look forward and prepare for future business growth, it’s important to always be looking for new ways you can serve your customers. When you develop new products, services, or bundles, you’ll not only stimulate business growth, but you’ll add new value for your customers and help your company continue to be profitable over […]

Creating Partnerships to Further Business Growth

No one does business in a vacuum, and many times it pays to work with others to promote business growth. Of course, this means hiring staff at the right time, but even more importantly it means partnering with other business owners in strategic partnerships. When you create partnerships to further business growth, both businesses benefit. […]

Business Growth Strategies

Business development doesn’t happen automatically. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t happen because you’re passionate and want it to grow. You have to be very intentional about your business growth strategies, and you must be very consistent in implementing them. When I was building Expo Chemical Company, I knew from day one what I wanted the company […]