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Double Your Sales with a Solid Annual Strategy

If you’re determined to be more productive and successful this year, you’re not alone. A new year is the most popular time for goal-setting for both individuals and companies. However, only 8% of people who set New Year’s resolutions achieve them, and companies similarly struggle to meet sales and revenue goals during the year. The […]

Mentorship’s Effects on Mentors

Many companies talk about the importance of mentorship, and some even have established mentorship programs. Regardless, you can always take an opportunity to mentor someone within your company or industry. If you feel you can teach them, reach out. They are probably eager to learn. What you may not realize is how important mentorship is […]

Building a Strong Mindset with Habits

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes just go on autopilot and wind up working on a Saturday when you meant to go to the grocery store? It’s a testament to the power of habits. Developing new habits can be difficult and takes time, but when you’ve established a new habit, you’ll find that you […]

Business Growth Strategies

Business development doesn’t happen automatically. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t happen because you’re passionate and want it to grow. You have to be very intentional about your business growth strategies, and you must be very consistent in implementing them. When I was building Expo Chemical Company, I knew from day one what I wanted the company […]

How to Create a Dashboard for Business Goals

Do you know what your business’ goals are for this quarter? For this year? If you haven’t been setting goals, then you may be missing the mark and aimlessly reaching for something you don’t want. Setting business goals is essential to measuring success is essential to measuring success and correcting your course. They also help […]

Default or Design? A Business Owner’s Guide to Succession Planning

As you work long hours to build your business, the question of “What’s next?” may be far from your mind. You’re focused on the right things, but putting off succession planning could lead to the demise of what you’ve worked so hard to build. It’s important to consider what will happen to your company when […]

How to Move the Needle in 2016 with Goal Setting

With a new year around the corner, it’s time to focus on reviewing 2015 results and creating a plan to move the needle in 2016. When it comes to performance, nothing beats goal setting. Setting goals gives you focus, allows you to measure progress, and keeps you motivated. In a business environment, setting goals “as […]

7 Tips to Get Back on Track after Your New Year’s Resolution Fails

If you’ve abandoned your New Year’s resolution just a few months into the year, you’re not alone. A Scranton University study suggests that only 8% of resolutions are successful. That means 92% of us are setting goals, but not sticking to them. The good news is that there’s time to get back on track after […]