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Mentorship’s Effects on Mentors

Many companies talk about the importance of mentorship, and some even have established mentorship programs. Regardless, you can always take an opportunity to mentor someone within your company or industry. If you feel you can teach them, reach out. They are probably eager to learn. What you may not realize is how important mentorship is […]

How to Get Your Teams Collaborating

Teams that are highly effective get things done with minimal drama and disagreement. Other teams are less effective and are full of jealousy, complaining, and poor work ethics. How do you take an ineffective team and turn things around? You teach your team the value of collaborating. Why is Collaborating Important? Collaboration shows that everyone […]

Building a Strong Mindset with Habits

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes just go on autopilot and wind up working on a Saturday when you meant to go to the grocery store? It’s a testament to the power of habits. Developing new habits can be difficult and takes time, but when you’ve established a new habit, you’ll find that you […]

How to Achieve Economies of Scale in Your Business

One of the goals of every business is to “scale their efforts”. However, sometimes that term is thrown around without true understanding. What does it mean to scale your efforts, how do you know if your processes are scalable, and how do you achieve economies of scale? The answers to those questions are vital to […]

Best Practices for Acquiring Complementary Businesses

When you’re looking to grow and expand your business, you often assume you have to look in-house. But what do you do if the capabilities within your company don’t allow you to expand the way you want to, or as quickly as you need to? That’s when you want to consider acquiring complementary businesses. A […]

Default or Design? A Business Owner’s Guide to Succession Planning

As you work long hours to build your business, the question of “What’s next?” may be far from your mind. You’re focused on the right things, but putting off succession planning could lead to the demise of what you’ve worked so hard to build. It’s important to consider what will happen to your company when […]

Five Soft Skills for the Smarter Entrepreneur

Do you sometimes feel like you’re talking, but no one’s listening? Your mouth is moving, your team is staring at you intently, nodding, agreeing on tasks and then one week later you’re still talking about the same thing. The needle isn’t moving, work seems stagnant and you feel like you’re running in circles. Before you […]